In October 2016, the first ever BreatheCon was held. This virtual event, created by adults with cystic fibrosis, was designed to allow individuals with CF to connect, learn, share and inspire each other. Breakout sessions of small groups (9 or less individuals) included topics such as dating, transplant decisions, facing one’s own mortality, female family planning, the importance of exercise, dealing with setbacks, going to college, etc. It was a huge success!

This year, the CF Foundation hosted two CF MiniCons, one in May pertaining to transplants and one in June specifically geared to young adults. These sessions allowed individuals to discuss their transplant experiences and young adults to connect and share thoughts about transitioning to adulthood while facing new challenges, make life changes, and become increasingly independent. Between the two MiniCons, there were 200 participants and over 65% of individuals said they were extremely satisfied with the keynotes speakers and breakout sessions offered.

SAVE THE DATE: BreatheCon 2017 will take place September 8th and 9th this year! A program is currently online and includes a number of breakout sessions including, Transplant and Beyond!, How to Deal with Addiction and CF, Advocating for Yourself, Setting Goals for a Lifetime, and so many more! 

Registration is now open! Please remember, breakout sessions are for small group discussions and have a limited capacity.

For more details, please visit cff.org/BreatheConor email breathecon@cff.org with questions.