From the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Spring Forward!

Spring brings an opportunity to look at the way you do things and to renew your commitments, both personally and professionally.  As the Greater New York Chapter, we find that our success is driven by the urgency of finding a cure for cystic fibrosis – and we can only attain this success by the generosity of our volunteers, donors and staff.  This e-Newsletter is one of many steps we are taking to reach out to the greater audience.

With Great Strides 2013 – www.cff.org/greatstrides upon us, we are challenging ourselves and you to assist us in reaching new heights and obtaining our financial goals.  By doing so, this will allow us to accelerate our research funding for new drug development, and ultimately, a cure.  The time for accomplishing our mission is NOW. 

As we move forward, I have no doubt that we will win the fight against cystic fibrosis – and we will win it together.  So let us celebrate the season of Spring – which is a time of rebirth, rekindling, joy and good health.

I look forward to seeing many of you at one of our 10 Great Strides 2013 Walks!


Martine Denis
Executive Director