CF in the Media

The CF community is truly inspiring.  Many young women who are living with CF have recently shared their incredible stories both in local and national media outlets.  On August 14th, Lyndsey McLaughlin was featured in the ABC-TV mini-series documentary, NY Med.  The show chronicled her road to double-lung transplant—from the call to her recovery.  Katy Starck, another remarkable young woman in the Greater New York area living with CF, appeared on the episode “New Beginnings” on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress.  The show featured her new beginning as she planned her wedding after a post double-lung transplant.

Most recently, six New York women—Kelley Chaffee, Allison Lennon, Kristy Fabrizi, Piper Beatty, Lyndsey McLaughlin, and Katy Starck—were featured in the September 30th issue of the Sunday New York Daily News.  These women share a special bond as they have all undergone lung transplants and are triumphing over a life-long battle with CF.  They have become amazing friends—getting together for birthdays, engagements, 10K runs, and even hospital visits.  These women, who have been given a new life with their new lungs, want to spread the word and build awareness about CF and organ donation.  

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