Volunteer Spotlight

Kristy Fabrizi

Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 6 months old, Kristy Fabrizi was born a fighter. She never let CF hold her back from anything. She went to college, traveled the world and supported the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation through her Great Strides team named Little Miss Kris. Kristy is an active speaker for the Foundation and when she speaks, people listen. Her message that fundraising = research = life resonates with us all.  Kristy has raised over $60,000 through her tireless efforts and commitment to a cure.

In 2010 as her lung function decreased, her drive and will to live each day to the fullest intensified. Her positive attitude is an inspiration to everyone. Even on her darkest day Kristy had a smile on her face. Her prayers were answered this past December when she received the gift of life with a double lung transplant.  Her “twins,” as she affectionately calls them, helped her walk proudly in Great Strides this year under the new team name Little Miss New Lungs. “Thanks to the amazing gift I received, I am going to honor my donor by doing all that I can to help find a cure for all CF families,” said Kristy.

Kristy was recently honored at Long Island’s inaugural Finest event as a leader and supporter among the CF community. Her dedication and commitment to finding a cure has not wavered and she is a valued volunteer and advocate for the Foundation. We thank Kristy and all our amazing volunteers who continue to fight to make CF stand for Cure Found!