2014 Great Strides

On October 24th, the CF Foundation announced the launch of a new and improved Great Strides website!  Among many changes, the new website boasts a streamlined design and enhanced features that strive to make it “simple, social, and mobile.”

The CF Foundation's goal was to make the new Great Strides website as user-friendly as possible. Once logged in, users can import contacts, send emails using templates or by creating their own messages, manage walks they are signed up for, and even keep track of money raised, as well as adjust personal and team goals. Each participant has a customizable “personal page” where they can display a message, pictures and a video to visitors, exhibit personal fundraising progress and direct attention to their social media websites. Registered participants can also opt to receive an email notification anytime an online donation is made to them. 

The updated website presents a number of new features, including a tailored mobile webpage and app available for both Apple and Android phones. The app allows users to fundraise from the convenience of their cell phone by generating a customizable request that can be sent to contacts via email, text message, or social media update. The app will even present talking points if you want to call a potential donor over the phone!

Users may access the website by going to www.cff.org/great_strides. There will be an option to use the old website until December 31st for participants who are continuing to raise funds towards their 2013 goals. As of January 1st, the old Great Strides website will no longer be accessible. Please save any photos, letters, or other important information from the old site prior to the New Year, as everything on the 2013 website will be no longer accessible at that point.

All walkers are encouraged to register for a 2014 Great Strides walk through the new website. Walks are searchable by location, and users can search for teams to join as well. Please be sure to explore the new Great Strides website today by visiting www.cff.org/great_strides!

If you have any feedback regarding the new Great Strides website, we want to know!  Please contact Jennifer Galante at jgalante@cff.org with your comments.