President's Message


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our third issue of CFForward. The Greater New York Chapter has been extremely busy in 2013. In this past year, we have established a Corporate Development Task Force, with the goal of identifying and pursuing corporate prospects, especially those outside of our current circle of support. Members of this committee have been asked to host or facilitate introductions, and work with CFF staff to implement a game plan to deliver results and cultivate each potential partner. This Task Force will assist us in opening new doors and exploring new opportunities for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation on all levels. We are grateful to the committee members and volunteers driving  this important new initiative.

I would also like to recognize the extraordinary progress made by the Public Outreach Committee. This committee was especially active in the past year and has a busy agenda for 2014. Kate Niehaus has chaired the Committee for the past three years. With her leadership and hands on involvement, the committee has improved relationships between CF Care Centers, our chapter, and the families and patients we serve. Semi-Annual Care Center Staff breakfasts, along with staff and liaison visits throughout the course of the year, are helping build cohesive relationships which support grassroots progress in patient care.

This year’s North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference, held in October, focused heavily on the implications of CFF’s new Infection Control Policy. It was announced that new Care Center Infection Control Guidelines will be released in January. The Greater New York Chapter will be monitoring this release and will provide information when it is available.

It is critical that the Chapter support the CFF in implementing these Infection Control Policies effectively and with humanity. We must assure that at any CFF sponsored indoor event or meeting, only one person with cystic fibrosis attends in-person, but must be equally vigilant in finding ways for all to participate. As a start, our chapter will make every effort to have a LiveMeeting option for chapter meetings and events, including our Annual Meeting in January. We encourage all of you to think of ways to help with this challenge of including and protecting all people living with CF.

We understand that this policy introduces difficult and important social issues. The Foundation owes a great deal of its success and progress to the participation of people with CF in activities of all sizes. The Foundation also recognizes the challenges this now poses to all of our CF patients, whose collaboration and engagement is vital in helping us better serve the CF community.  The Greater New York Chapter cares above all else for the health and quality of life for of all people living with cystic fibrosis.  

As we forge ahead, we will work tirelessly to adapt and overcome this and all obstacles in the fight against CF! I wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year!


John A. McKenna, Jr.
President, Board of Directors