President's Message


As we look back on 2015 we can do so with pride and admiration. The Foundation continues to make amazing progress! With over 50% of CF patients now 18 years and older, we are very proud to share that the Greater New York Chapter recently began piloting a CF Adult Advisory Council. At least one adult from each of the adult CF care centers in our area will be participating in calls which will be held every other month. These conversations will strengthen our relationship with the growing CF adult population and will give them a greater voice within our chapter. We hope this effort will continue our positive dialogue with the care centers and look forward to the invaluable insights these adults will provide.

To further propel us in fulfilling our mission, we have increased our online presence to fully engage the CF community with a specific emphasis on what it means to live with the disease. The Foundation’s newly launched CF Community Blog has been designed to allow CF patients to share their stories, promote awareness, and increase the communication among our families and caregivers.

At this time I’d like to welcome our new 2016 Board Members: Tim Berger, James Colligan, Matt Genova, Dr. Joan Germana, Barbara Hoey, Linda Kirkpatrick, and Dr. Patricia Walker. Thank you to the Nominating Committee who work diligently to engage new members. I’d also like to acknowledge the individuals who are now rotating to the Board of Advisors this coming year: Peter Boger, Dr. Maria Berdella, and Dawn Buccellato Zolek. Lastly, Brad Scott, Blake Brossman and Harris Markowitz deserve a big thank you for the time they served on the Board. Both past and present members collectively bring valuable contributions to our cause and we are grateful for their immeasurable participation.

I wish to thank all of you who have contributed and participated in the successes of this past year. I speak on behalf of the Board of Directors when I say we are truly appreciative of all members of the CF community for their hard work and dedication.

Let’s continue our triumphs in the coming year, keeping Dr. Robert Beall’s words always on the forefront… “We will not rest until a cure has been found for every single person with this devastating disease.”

Have a joyous holiday season and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2016!


Robert J. Corti
President, Board of Directors