From the Editor's Desk

What is your passion?

fundraising isn’t always easy, but when you combine it with an activity or hobby you’re passionate about, it becomes so much more fun! The first step to creating your own passion fundraising event is to identify what your passion is; whether it’s music, sports, cooking or a good old fashioned party, anything can be turned in to an opportunity to raise funds.

In 2016, volunteers from the Greater NY Chapter used the Passion Fundraising platform to host 17 different events, raising a whopping $37,221! One of the key reasons this platform has been so popular is due to the fact you can personalize your event, making it easier to share through e-mail and social media. You can share a page about your upcoming Paint Night, Backyard BBQ, or Basketball Tournament and people will be able to visit the event page directly in lieu of the Great Strides website. Don’t worry though, donations will still trickle down and credit the event creator through the Great Strides website.

Lastly, remember that the Passion Fundraising platform is not just for Great Striders! Cycle and Climb participants can utilize the platform to fundraise too!

If you have questions about Passion Fundraising, please feel free to reach out to one of our local offices or Lisa Berthiaume at our Bethesda Office at LBerthiaume@cff.org or 240-200-3734.


Michelle C Hudson