CF Climb

Our 3rd Annual CF Climb was held on Sunday, October 30th, and what a beautiful day it was! The sun was shining as family and friends from Westchester, Manhattan, and Long Island came together at Citi Field for some exercise and fun. The event was chaired by Dominique Cimina who walks, runs, and climbs for her nephew.

After checking in, participants enjoyed visiting various sponsor tables while listening to music by City Sounds DJ and snacking on goodies that were generously donated by our in-kind supporters. We were lucky to have Title Boxing come out and lead climbers in an upbeat boxing warm-up before they hit the stairs. When the climbers started the course, they were met with energetic tunes played by the 50-piece Wagner College Marching Band and motivated by the cheerleaders along the course.

Our biggest team in attendance was Breathe Believe who was joined by nearly 20 fire fighters from Long Island who came out to climb the stairs to show their support. These fire fighters were wearing full turnout gear that weighed up to 100 pounds!

Thank you to all who participated and donated to the 3rd Annual CF Climb! The success of this event, and all of our events throughout the year, will help to make CF stand for Cure Found.