Clinical Trial Finder

This is an exciting time in cystic fibrosis clinical research. Not only are there several clinical trials of therapies to treat the underlying cause of CF, but there are also many trials to treat key symptoms of CF and improve quality of life. These include studies of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to treat lung infections and inflammation, as well as treatments to improve nutrition and digestion.

Under-enrollment is one of the biggest challenges for researchers, and it can slow the development of a potential treatment. Since there are only around 33,000 people with CF in the United States, there is a limited pool of people to draw upon for a clinical trial. That is why it is critical that those who are interested and able to participate find an appropriate clinical trial.

It has never been easier to locate the perfect trial for you or your loved one. The new Clinical Trail Finder allows you to tailor your results using the following filters:

  • Study Status
  • Location
  • Distance Willing to Travel
  • Age
  • FEV1 % Predicted
  • Mutation
  • Therapeutic Approach

Why participate in a Clinical Trial?
Participating in a clinical trial can be a very satisfying and worthwhile experience. People with CF choose to participate in clinical trials for a number of different reasons. Some possible benefits include:

  • Taking an active role in managing your own CF care
  • Gaining access to new treatments before they are more widely available
  • Helping advance our knowledge of CF
  • Receiving a treatment that works for you or your child

Visit https://www.cff.org/Our-Research/Clinical-Trials/ to locate and learn more about Clinical Trials.