Emotional Wellness

Living with a chronic disease, such as CF, can be emotionally challenging. Although moments of sadness and anxiety due to the uncertainty of your health may come and go, depression and persistent anxiety should be treated as part of your overall health and emotional wellness.

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Depression and CF

People with chronic diseases, such as CF, are at greater risk for developing clinical depression. When left untreated, depression can interfere with your ability to manage your CF effectively and experience a better quality of life.

Coping While Caring for Someone With Cystic Fibrosis

Caring for anyone with a long-term disease -- especially if that person is your child -- is stressful. Parents of children with CF are more likely to experience anxiety, depression or both compared to parents in general.

Anxiety and CF

Anxiety is a normal emotion that comes and goes in response to fears or worries about changes in health, work, relationships or money. A person is said to have an anxiety disorder if the anxiety does not go away, gets worse over time and prevents a person from participating in daily activities.

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