Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships is a new initiative based in the Foundation’s Bethesda office. Led by Dr. Drucy Borowitz, the group is working to bring the perspective of people with CF and their families into all CFF activities and to support people touched by CF every day. In 2017, Community Partnerships will:

  • Continue to strengthen the Adult Advisory Council (AAC), The AAC serves as a subsection of the CF Foundation's Board of Trustees. It is a rotating group of 12 individuals selected from across the community. Members of the council lend their voices to convey the hopes, needs and aspirations of the CF adult community. They achieve this by tapping into the strengths and expertise of other community members.

  • Expand the CF Adult and Family Advisors (AFA), a group of nearly 300 individuals with CF, parents, caregivers, spouses and siblings, who voluntarily provide input on matters related to CF care, research and quality of life.

  • Expand the adult Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program to enable adults with CF to share their experiences and support others living with the disease. While the program is small in its pilot phase, we aim to expand in 2017 to a larger group and potentially to other populations within the CF community.

If you are interested in learning more about these initiatives, please contact Trina Fontaine at kfontaine@cff.org or 914-993-1460.